Richmond Acupuncture Saved My Life

I have always been an anxious person prone to intense depression and deeply seated psychological and emotional disorders. I knew it, my family knew it, and even my friends knew it. I was always close to being suicidal depressed and although I hated being that way, I simply could not find a way out. I popped more pills in my younger years than many have had breakfast. When someone who believes in oriental medicines suggested I try acupuncture, I only did it to please them. Today I am glad I did as it saved my life and I am a normal and happy person! Selma Heinz

I Am a Changed Man!

A few weeks ago, I had to attend an event about Türkçe casino siteleri ( Turkish casino Sites) that was hosted by and regardless of how hard I tried to shift the responsibility onto someone else, it was vital that I attend. The only reason why I felt that I could not attend the event down in Richmond was due to severe migraine headaches and neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing at the time. My secretary made an appointment for me with Richmond Acupuncture and although I had no believe that it would work, I have to say today that I am a changed man. The pain is gone and I attended my meetings like a man ten years younger and still feel excellent. Lenny Kraits

Yeah, no more arthritis for me!

Can you believe that a woman of thirty-two can have arthritis? Well, I am living proof! For some reason or maybe it was something genetic, but in my late twenties I started developing symptoms of arthritis, I could not believe that I had arthritis by age thirty-two. A friend suggested I try Oriental medicine and more specific, Richmond Acupuncture. I saw Huang Xun and after she gave me acupuncture I have to say I am pain-free and arthritis free. Robert Shaw

Huang Xun is an Angel in Acupuncture

I have always been scared of needles, which is probably why I even have bad teeth. I was simply too scared of getting an injection at the dentists. I do not like doctors simply because I have a fear of needles. Can you imagine my surprise when someone suggested acupuncture for my bad joint pains? I outright told them they are mad, until I decided to go on a dare and went to Richmond Acupuncture and the angle of needles as I call the doctor. Do you realize that it does not feel like needles, but like, tiny tingly “thingies” that does not hurt? Best of all, my pains are gone! Till Jansen

Oriental Medicine at Its Best

I love Huang Xun; she is one of the best acupuncture specialists I have ever used. I am a firm believer in Oriental Medicine and do not go to Western Doctors at all. Oriental medicine is what I grew up with even if I am not Oriental because it is the only thing that I know that works. Richmond acupuncture is my choice of place to go and I recommend them to anyone when they are in this area for immediate pain relief. Alperen Aydın